Red Drum Fishing

The Northern beaches of Corolla are an unknown world class Red Drum fishery that has been over looked for years. Starting in Mid- September to November, large schools of bull Red Drum are making their way south from the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay to Cape Hatteras. In the interim large numbers of bull Red Drum are landed in the Corolla surf daily, making Corolla a destination for Red Drum enthusiasts in the fall and then in the spring where they make there way back north to spawn in the Chesapeake Bay. You can buy all Drum tackle and gear at Corolla Bait and Tackle or you can order it on line. North Carolina has produced 10 out of 16 current world records for Red Drum.

Did you know? A whopping 94lb 2oz Red Drum was caught in 1984.


Good Things Come To Those Who Bait