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Outer Banks Charter Fishing Adventures Policy

Cancellations - (applies to any boat you schedule a trip)

  • You may cancel 2 weeks before your scheduled trip. If you cancel anytime within the 2 weeks before your trip you will be responsible to pay for your trip in full. Check with your group before making a reservation! No Exceptions!

Payments - (Advance reservations are made well in advance to your arrival here to North Carolina)

  • VISA and MASTERCARD only accepted.
  • Checks are not accepted in stores. Checks are accepted only with well in advance reservations and are mailed to Outer Banks Charter Fishing Adventures prior to arriving in North Carolina.
  • If you schedule a trip when you get in town for your week vacation, we do not accept checks as a cash payment. Visa/MasterCard or cash.
  • We offer a discounted price if you pay with cash for your scheduled trip. Please see the boats for pricing. Debit cards are not considered cash payments.
  • Advance reservations -Credit cards are used to hold your trip, we do not charge your card as you have the option to pay cash in the store when you get in town. (see next line)
  • Advance reservations -If you would like to pay cash, we still need a credit card to reserve your trip, in case you do not send us a check in advance. Deposits are half of the trips cost, and we ask that you send a check written to: Outer Banks Charter Fishing Adventures
    Mail to:
    Outer Banks Charter Fishing Adventures
    C/O Keith Cummings
    1070-B Ocean Trail
    Corolla, NC 27927
    Checks are not accepted in the store. Checks are only accepted for advance reservations to get the cash pricing. We had several incidents with accepting checks the week of the trips, sorry for any inconvenience. Return check fee $35.
  • Advance reservations -When you get in town you must stop in one of our locations for your direction sheet and to pay in full for your trip. Checks are not accepted in stores any longer. Cash or credit cards are accepted for your balance or full payments.
    Our locations are in Corolla: 1070 Ocean Trail, in Corolla Light next to the Inn at Corolla light, MP 10.5, and 603-F Currituck Clubhouse Drive, next to the Harris Teeter Grocery store, MP 6.
  • Advance reservations -If you plan on using a credit card to pay for your trip, you may pay in full or leave a deposit, which is half of the trip cost, with your credit card when you schedule in advance. Once you pay with a credit card (deposit or a full payment), you cannot have the charge reversed to pay cash when you come in the store for your directions and pay your balance.
  • Reservations made in one of the store locations; the trips must be paid in full at the time you make the reservation. We can hold it with a credit card if you would like to pay cash and do not have the full amount of cash with you, but you must come back the same day you scheduled your trip to pay in full. If you do not return the same day, you will be charged the full amount for the trip. No exceptions. 2 week cancellation is observed.
  • Reservations by phone when you are here on vacation; A credit card is taken to hold your trip, we will not charge your card since you do have the option to pay cash in the store. You must come to one of our locations the same day you make the reservation to pay in full for your trip, and get your directions. If you do not show up to pay that same day, you will be charged in full for your trip reservation. No exceptions. 2 week cancellation policy is observed.
  • Payments are not accepted at the boats.

Other information

  • Boats leave from OBX Marina located in Wanchese, NC, with the exception of our pontoon boat which is located in Corolla.
  • Fish cleaning service is provided by the marina.
  • Anything you catch is yours to keep as long as its legal.
  • Trips leave RAIN or SHINE.
  • The Captain and only the Captain can cancel the trip. We will call you if the trip is cancelled.
  • If the trip is cancelled, you have the option to fish another day if available, or be refunded for the trip.
  • If you choose not go on your trip for any reason, and the captain didn't cancel the trip, you will not be refunded.
  • If you decide to head in early from your trip, you will not be be refunded any money. You paid for your trip time slot.
  • No-shows will not be refunded.
  • No drugs.
  • A fishing trip with Outer Banks Charter Fishing Adventures does not guarantee you will catch fish. A refund will not be issued in the event there are no fish caught.
  • Alcohol is perfectly fine to bring with you. No glass…for safety reasons.
  • We do ask you arrive no later than 20 minutes prior to your trip departure time. This will make sure you are ready to board and leave the dock on time.

Head boat reservations/make up trips on 6 person trips

  • Once you make a reservation, you are responsible for the amount of people you have reserved. Example, if you reserve for 8 people and only 7 show up, or you change your mind after the reservation is made, you are still responsible for those spots you reserved. When you take people off the the reservation that could effect the trip by effecting if the trip goes fishing or not, or on make up trips it would make other people pay more for the trip. That is not fair to other people and that is why when you schedule how ever many people you will pay for that amount of spots. You will pay for the people scheduled. You will not be refunded either.
  • Please check with everyone before you make these decisions about time, dates, and how many people really want to go fishing.

6 Person private trips (C-Therapy-42’, C-Salt-35’, C-Tales-25’, or Pontoon Boat)

  • 6 people is the max on these boats, including children. It is Coast Guard regulation, not our rule. The price is for the whole boat whether you have 1 or 6 people.
  • Be on time. You will not be granted extra time if you are late, you will leave the dock when you get there and return as your time slot indicates.
  • Everything is included fishing related. You are responsible for your own food and drinks.
  • Pontoon Boat-everything fishing related is included, with the exception of the $10 fishing license for anyone 16 or older that is planning on fishing. State rule. Get it here: www.ncwildlife.org

Miss Jill Louise Head Boat (Coast Guard inspected to carry more then 6 passengers. Everything is provided fishing related.)

  • We offer a public per person priced trip, which makes it an affordable option to take a small family fishing, or if you are just over the Coast Guard regulated number of 6 people for the other boats. You will be on board with a bigger group of people we put together to do some bottom fishing in the inlet. It is a perfect option for novice fishermen & women.
  • You will pay for the number of people you have reserved space for on board-no exceptions. Example-If you reserve for 5 people and someone backs out last minute, you still pay for 5 people. This is a small head boat in comparison to others out there. We have many people calling to reserve a spot and if we already reserve your spot(s) on board then we can not accommodate others because we already have you scheduled.
  • Be on time. We will not hold the boat from departing for you, as there are other paying groups on board and it is not fair to keep them waiting. If you are late and the boat leaves without you, you will not be refunded any money.
  • We offer private trips on this boat if you have more than 6 people and want to fish on the same boat with only your family and friends. With these private trips you may fish the sound, inlet, or ocean. When it is only your friends and family we can fish like our 6 person boats, trolling, bottom fishing etc… we can mix it up because it is your trip and we are not trying to please several families. That is a big difference between the public trip and the private trip.
  • If you have a group of 14 or more you are automatically considered a private group and will be charged accordingly. You will not be added to a public trip. In the past, having big families on a public trip tends to occupy the mates time with them, instead of being able to jump around to everyone that may need help. We understand you all are here on vacation together, but if you end up bypassing this by splitting into smaller groups and making separate reservations, and you are all part of the same family/friend group and get the public trip price, you will be charged on the credit card(s) left to hold each groups spot(s) on board. Our goal here is to make sure each person that paid to go on a public trip gets the same attention. It is not fair having your big group of family and friends occupy the mates time. If you want that undivided attention, then you will pay for a private trip with only your family and friends. Our Captain and mate will advise us of this when your trip is underway and you will be charged accordingly. You would not be happy if you scheduled a trip for a few people and someone did this to you and your smaller group. Thank you for your cooperation.

Pontoon Boat reservations

  • Once you schedule your time slot, you are responsible for the time slot you scheduled. Example- If you schedule a 3 hour time slot and then decide later you only want 2 hours, you are still paying for the 3 hour slot. Just the way this boat works, there are not set time slots, so when you take a time slot, its yours.
  • Trips begins at 7am (in season) and we fill in from there.
  • Please check with everyone before you make these decisions about time, dates, and how many people really want to go fishing.

If you have an questions regarding a fishing trip, please call us at 252-453-9500